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The late and former Honorable Waple Evadney Nedd, JP affectionately known by most as “Auntie Waps” made significant and selfless contributions with the extraordinary gifts she was blessed with and or developed from a very early age until her death on January 5th 2008. Waple was a highly motivated, driven woman with strong religious convictions. Her commitment to community values, unconditional love, hard work, support and care will last into perpetuity. She lived the principle: “Life is a contribution and not a competition.”

Born July 1936 at Belair in the Parish of Saint Andrew, Waple Nedd, in her early years, was parented by disciplined grandparents, aunts and uncles, including Teacher George. This early discipline became the foundation for her life’s accomplishments, in academia, in organizations, in sports, as a wife, mother and grandmother. Through God’s divine purpose for her life, Waple’s accomplishments were also manifested at church, at her school, in business, as a social worker, during local and national politics and ultimately in international affairs, for which she was grateful.

She firmly believed the best way to give back was to demonstrate a life of continuous service to her fellow men. Through her inspired efforts, many have aspired to become physicians, attorneys, educators, health workers, business owners, administrators, skilled workers and many other professionals. Many of whom have made significant contributions to our world.

Waple’s life was governed by purpose, passion and praying. She demonstrated mentoring skills early. She was a positive motivator to her children, families, friends, to other children and their families, to her church, employees, and co-workers. Her influence also spread to her community, the island of Grenada and abroad. The needy and helpless also benefited from knowing her. Young people and children gravitated to her. Her heart melted with concern for seniors and the downcast. Her principles are visible in her faith and belief in God’s unending promises of a life beyond the grave.

Waple attended Belair Church of Scotland School and then St. Andrews Anglican at Grenville. She was an active member of Belair Cultural & Literary League and was involved in sporting activities such as netball, cricket, and hits representing her school throughout the island. Upon completing high school, Waple moved to Aruba in 1952 to live with her mother, returning a year later to Grenada. The Aruban experience helped shaped her to be a wife, mother, grandmother, and mentor to all her families and friends. In May of 1953, Waple gave her heart to the Lord and was baptized while with her mother. and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She returned to Grenada October 1953 and held membership at the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church till the day of her passing. Along with many Christians and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she made many outstanding contributions covering Spiritual Mentoring, Education, Health Wellness, Social Services, Home Economics and Family Empowerment.

In 1954, her romance with Kenneth started at the Belair playgrounds during a time when most romances began – around sports, cultural activities and church events. Kenneth was 24 years old, and he was at the ripe age to catch his “fish.” He was fascinated as he observed a beautiful, spirited and athletic young lady as the star netball and cricket player so he made his move to start communicating with Waple. This led to a mutual understanding that sporting events like netball and cricket were the avenues to meet. Waple’s interest grew when she was able to attend cricket matches and observe this handsome and skillful wicket keeper on the field in great performance. It began to look as a match made in heaven. Kenneth and Waple’s communication developed even stronger which lead to the beginning of their milestone marriage in December 1956. They celebrated their 51st anniversary in December 2007. This union gave birth to four sons; Kenneth Junior, Kester Jimmy, Khan Javan and the last Kyron John (who went to rest at the age of three). They were the proud grandparents of Kimberly, Michael, Kesan, Ginelle, Kyron, Kristen, Noah and Olivia, and daughters-in-laws Gillian, Lauldi and Liza.

Waple owned and operated a commercial school from 1957 to 1967 which was located in Grenville, Saint Andrews. She provided typing and shorthand instruction and other assistance to hundreds of young adults. She helped them secure employment, pursue higher education, and open ways for them to travel abroad to improve their standard of living. She happily extended herself, offering resources without ever expecting remuneration in return. She encouraged each individual to return the favor and give back to others. Many of her families and friends, knowing her intelligent mind encouraged her to attend college; but she sacrificed and committed herself to see that all her children accomplish more than she was able. In 1967, Waple home schooled herself and passed 4 GCE O’Levels in 1968 and 1 GCE O’Level in 1969.

In her professional life, Waple worked for Save the Children Fund from 1963 to 1968 as a child welfare officer throughout Grenada. During those years she worked with underprivileged families and others to adopt distressed children. She provided medical support, clothing, food, housing, educational materials, sporting goods, and other financial assistance. She experience tremendous success in each case, spending ninety percent of her time in the field and ten percent in the office. She investigated and documented each case and explored every possibility to address the concerns and needs with follow-ups, monitoring and adjusting plans until she got a positive outcome. She also visited each village using a monthly schedule to find new cases that qualified for assistance and made it her duty to respond in a timely manner.

As a part-time Social worker with the Save the Children Fund, The Honourable Waple Nedd received a Social Welfare Scholarship in 1968 to attend the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Upon completion, she accepted a full-time position with the Government of Grenada to start a Child Welfare Program in the Ministry of Social Affairs. She planned and worked tirelessly and was very successful in creating many new programs in the ministry that became the basis for formalized welfare work in Grenada. She also organized and started Foster Care and worked with Juvenile Delinquent girls.

In 1972, The Honourable Waple Nedd contested and won a seat in Grenada’s House of Parliament, representing the Saint Andrews Northeast Constituency for four and half years. She played a significant role along with many others in fighting for Grenada’s Independence under the Grenada United Labor Party (GULP). Faced with personal death threats and strong opposition campaigns that at times disrupted the economic and domestic services throughout the island, she held firmly to her principles; and her political will went undaunted.

It was a challenging period for Waple Nedd, but she was resilient. Her commitment to see Grenada become an Independent nation was realized in February 1974. She worked hard and long and tirelessly. Her indefatigable spirit complimented up her legacies for they far outnumbered her disappointments. Grenada shall long remember her contributions in building community centers and establishing cultural groups, organizing women’s cricket teams, and obtaining membership with the British and West Indies Cricket Association for women. Her parenting groups, especially the empowering of women to be better mothers and parents made a significant contribution to many families. She introduced the first National Foster Care Program in the Ministry of Social Affairs, and. she espoused home and family life classes, including cooking and other social skills. She was pleased with the exemplary outcome of her work that helped change the lives of individuals, families and professionals in Grenada and beyond.

In 1978, the Honourable Waple Nedd and her husband started a small boutique business to keep actively engaged and to be able to survive financially.

Waple Nedd’s simple living principles

Recognize the Creator as the sole Lord who brings change in our lives. He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all.
God owns everything; we are just managers, trustees and stewards.
Our relationship with God and with men is like a tree, it produces fruits if the roots feed on faith in God.
Love must be given to God and man. Love is not just a spoken word; it is an action word, which must be seen at all times.
Give. God loves the giver more than the gift. There is joy in giving. We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.
Always give people more than they expect. Investments bring returns.
No matter what one says, what one believes, what one does, what one gives or what one owns, he or she becomes bankrupt without love.
“Never quit, never give up regardless of the challenge”

Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t force itself on others. Love isn’t always me first. Love doesn’t rejoice nor keeps scores when others fail. Love is forgiving, trusting, uniting and caring. Love never dies but keeps going to eternity. So let’s love!!!


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