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Honoring Life Legacies
The late Honorable Waple Nedd was forever grateful for the power and leading of God and the significant contributions many friends and relatives made at various period of her life. Waple believed these inputs were the foundation and building blocks that gave her encouragement in becoming the leader, mentor and model she became and the legacies she left for future generations. From time to time, Waple was never afraid to give credit to individuals who served as positive role models and we also honor their contributions. Waple’s husband, sons, grand children, relatives and friends are motivated and empowered to carry on her colorful life-long legacies.

Jesus Christ – Super Mentor
Jesus Christ life-long ministries were Waple’s perfect hero and super mentor. Waple saw him as the life-giver, sustainer, defender, protector, healer, food supplier, educator, spiritual leader, financial advisor, redeemer, savior, promise-keeper and dearest friend. Waple understood him as the teacher of life-long lessons that are true, loving and merciful. Waple loved and followed his legacies.

Teacher George – Educator
The Late Teacher George’s influence in Waple’s early childhood created a compass that served as a guiding light and which became the foundation for a better way of life and living. As an educator, she provided spiritual guidance, academic direction, emotional and social support. To Waple, outside the classroom, the most memorable times were meeting in Teacher George’s home with other children in the neighborhood and been taught from the Bible in a very real and practical way.

James Mignon – Civic Leader
The Late James Mignon was the classic combination of spiritual, civic leadership and mentorship Waple cherished throughout her adult life. James was always a pillar of strength, guidance and support in her career decisions and as her key political advisor. Waple admired him for his knowledge and planning strategies as it related to people’s needs and community development.

Norris Archibald – Advisor
The late Norris Archibald whom Waple affectionately called “Uncle Norris” made a contribution that spanned the entire length of her life, from her birth to her death. His advice went beyond counsel to include financial support that benefited Waple’s family, friends, church, community and many others in need. Norris had a big heart and an even bigger wallet both of which truly influenced Waple to cultivate, practice and leave the legacy of giving. Waple also learned from Norris toughness, fairness, kindness and his well-honed presentation skills. Both of them were like peas in the same pod; their thoughts, decisions, passions and actions were alike and supplemented their support of each other.

Dorothy Hopkins – Social leader
Dorothy Hopkins was a key social worker leader and expert in Grenada. Waple followed her example in reaching out to others and providing help wherever it was needed, Dorothy’s knowledge, access to resources, and genuine interest to help families and especially children was an example Waple constantly relied on to serve needy families throughout Grenada. Dorothy understood Waple’s desire and passion to be a trained social worker and she was instrumental in opening the door that allowed Waple to obtain social work training in Jamaica. Waple regarded her as a resourceful help long after Dorothy had retired.

Nelson Mandela – Human Rights
Nelson Mandela was a major influence in Waple’s adult life. Waple admired Nelson for his strong stand, insight, courage and personal sacrifice that he exhibited for humanity when for decades freedom seem impossible for either himself and for his people. Nelson life-long legacy was beyond revenge for those who had imprisoned or tortured him and his people and who deprived them of their basic human rights, treating them as lesser citizens. Waple saw Nelson’s stand as demonstrating Jesus Sermon on the Mount; forgiving, serving, teaching and loving all people. Waple used Nelson’s powerful example as the reason to fight for the under-privileged to provide them with physical, social and economic rights.

Kenneth J. Nedd – Confidante
Kenneth J. Nedd was her day-to-day confidante, supporter, adviser, helpmate and true friend on all matters for over 51 years of marriage. Kenneth spent time “measuring twice and cutting once” when it came to issues such as their relationships, children, families, work, business, money management, investments, communities and the national interest. Waple trusted and dearly loved Kenneth and they both had input in the decisions they made. Once decisions were made, they supported the decisions no matter the outcomes. They won together and they lost together. Kenneth has been a powerful role model to his children and grandfather with a calmness and firm expression of love, humor, confidence, support and kindness that’s also experienced by friends, co-workers and families. Everyone knows Kenneth’s leadership by example and his mentorship by success. Kenneth has been Waple’s life-long legacy partner and the best loving gift to each other.


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